Coffee is a raw material that is capable of an extraordinary transformation. The artist sees green coffee as a medium to create a sensual experience.
   The taste of a coffee has a lot to say about the earth, nutrients, fruits, and the scent of the forests they grow near. The phrase goût de terroir (tang of the soil) used in describing the distinctive characteristics of wine, can also be applied to coffee. We are committed to obtaining only the very best fair-traded, certified organic coffee, and certified organic ground spices from around the world and to combine them into our exotic ancient and traditional
blends. With so many people on the move around the world away from their own culture, Indigenous Coffees provides them with a taste of home.
    We invite all coffee enthusiasts to experience this cultural expedi-
tion in their own home, cup after cup.
"Indigenous Coffees
will supply the finest Certified Organic,
Fair Trade coffees &
spices in the world
while supporting
equitable partnerships
between consumers,
farmers and
the environment."