tion of the project is done by BCS-Ökogarantie (Nürenberg, Germany).
    We roast all of our coffee to order, in small batches and hand mix our blends with our certified organic spices to ensure that you receive the finest coffee possible.
    All Indigenous Coffees are 100% Certified Organic, Fair Trade, and Bird Friendly whenever possible. Our coffee is Fair Trade Certified by TransFair USA. Our Organic Certification meets the stringent Organic Processor Standards enforced by the U.S. Federal Government and the California State Department of Agriculture. Our coffee is also Bird Friendly, which ensures that it is shade grown with healthy habitats for migratory birds.
    Indigenous Coffees is a member of Coffee Kids, an international nonprofit organization that has helped thousands of men, women, and children in Mexico and Central America to improve the quality of their lives.
    Our coffees originate from small coffee com-
munities throughout Africa, Latin America and Indonesia. We make it a priority to know exactly where our coffee is grown. We work only with importers who are committed to developing lasting relationships with small coffee farmers. Our Yirgacheffe is produced by the Oromia Coffee Farmers Coop Union, Ltd (OCFCO). The certifica-
"Buying Organic, Fair
Trade, Bird Friendly
coffee is an everyday
act of mindful consumerism that
can actually make
a difference for
both bio diversity and
peasant farmers."