Our Mesoamerican Blend is a traditional recipe dating back to pre-Columbian times combining Certified Organic Mexican Chiapas Coffee, Certified Organic Cacao, Certified Organic Cinnamon and Certified Organic Cayenne Pepper. Organic Colombian Supremo is the highest-grade coffee available from South America with beans large and uniform in size. It produces a smooth cup, full-bodied with bright acidity. The flavor is fruity, richly flavored with a subtle, slightly nutty overtone and the Cayenne Pepper lends a lively after-taste. Olé! This blend is only available in French press grind. Decaffeinated is available upon request.
2 oz. 1 lb. 5 lb.
$3.50 $18.50 $85.00

A French Press is recommended for brewing this coffee, no filters or brewers.